Have you seen a seo advert offering you no. 1 rankings within a short period of time at a ridiculous small amount of money?

I have come across quite a number of them and one that caught my attention must was a seo company offering seo services with a guaranteed top rankings within three months for just $99 per month.  SEO services for just $99 per month? Are you kidding me? Any one that falls prey to that will receive nothing but automated links and spin articles that will only give you short term gain but destroy your long term credibility with Google.

Those services are similar to the gigs selling thousands of links on fiverr for just $5. But it baffles me how some business still falls prey to these scumbags.  I guess the promise of first page rankings for low amount of money which will be delivered at a short time frame lured most businesses into hiring these dubious seo expert companies.  It’s not that $99 dollars can’t rank a website keyword using pure white hat, but it all depends on the competition.  If the competition is little to nonexistent, then $99 per month maybe able to take you to first page of Google.

First of all, quality SEO services doesn’t come cheap and even at that, there is no specific time to guarantee results.  What I mean by quality seo services is SEO that won’t get penalized by any present or future search engine algorithms because the links acquired look natural.  The links are not automated nor the contents spined and therefore will pass any manual review.  I am saying this because white hat seo technique is not something that can be automated or is cheap.

And I have discovered through many years of working in the industry that there is no guaranteed amount of timeframe in which SEO results will be assured.  When doing SEO, a lot of factors can prevent you from reaching the top spot at a short period of time which includes:

  1. Competition

Competitor analysis can give you a glimpse of how tough ranking a keyword can be and an estimate of time and budget needed to execute such SEO project.

If the competition is week, it may require less time and money to rank but if your competitors are strong like fortune 500 companies, then am afraid it will take more time and budget to get to the front page of SERP.

  1. Age of domain

If your domain is brand new, it will take time for you to start seeing the effect of any seo efforts you put in.

Google tends to not trust new sites and will not attribute to them the right value of any SEO juice you point to it.

Another reason why new domains perform poorly is because they don’t yet have anchor test diversity which will greatly affect them.

  1. Budget

Budget plays significant role in determining how long your SEO effort will stay before it begins to yield results. Your budget also determines the quality of the seo service you will receive.  Even with the right budget, week competition and aged domain, the best a SEO expert can assure you is to give you an approximation not a guaranteed time frame to hit first page of SERP.

Generating leads through SEO entails much more than time, budget and old domain. It is all about consistency in doing what you are doing to get your website up there.  And even when your website is up there in SERPS, it’s not the right time to fold your arms and say “yeah now I have arrived, I can now fire my SEO agency and enjoy my efforts”

Seo is a continues process that you keep on doing even if your website is up there so that you will continue ripping the Google juice.  If you fold your arms and relax, one of your competitors who didn’t relax will take-up your position and you may not be able to take it back.

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