Hi, my name is Andrew from iiBuy and I’d like to share with you a critical aspect of the sales process.  Done.  Article finished :D.  As you can see the introduction is not a complicated affair in terms of the wording used.  The object is to introduce yourself, your company and why you have made contact with a prospective client.  If the customer has called you, you just need to change the words around to – “Hi, welcome to iiBuy, you’re speaking with Andrew, how can I help you”.

As easy as the above may seem, it is quite common for people not to use it.  In my day to day life, I’m staggered at the amount of times the above is not used.  Tradies and small shopkeepers I’m looking at you.  There have been many times where I only get one part of the above sentences.

Note:  Try to consciously do the introduction above.  It can be a bit tricky to consistently do, but it will become second nature in a week or so.

Here is a list of absolute no-nos for today’s salesperson:

Customer calls you

  • Hi, this is Andrew.
  • Hi, how can I help you?
  • This is Andrew how can I help you?
  • Welcome to iiBuy, how can I help you?

As you can see, they do not give the full picture to the customer as to who they have called.  Imagine you call a shop or service provider.  When you call them, in your mind you need to satisfy 3 basic principles:

  1. Have I called the correct company?
  2. Who am I speaking to. (This one is just manners.)
  3. Are they willing to extend their help? Or do they just want to do a quick transaction?

Getting these basics right is the key to moving into the next stage of the conversation with a confident customer.

You call customer

  • Hi, this is Andrew from iiBuy, can I please speak to *decision maker*.
  • Hi, this is Andrew, how would you like to save money on blah blah blah.
  • Hi, we’ve done some tests and have noticed you are paying more for your bills than you should be paying. Personally I hate this, as many companies try to deceive you into thinking you are missing out on some discount you are unaware of, when they’re just signing you up to another service provider.

In the case of prospecting for customers, you should at the very least know the name of the person you are looking to speak to.  With all the social media platforms, especially Linkedin, it should be rare that you don’t know this.  Before you call prospective customers, at the very least you need:

  1. The decision makers name.
  2. Why you need to speak with them.
  3. General product/service types that you can help them with.

We’ve all heard that you only have a few seconds to make an impact.  Now the amount of time varies depending on which “studies” you choose to believe, but let’s just say the time it takes for you to do your introduction is the time you need engagement the most.  Using a simple introduction means the customer receives all the details they need at that point of the conversation.  It also ensures no one is wasting their time.

If you try to get fancy, sure, some people might bite.  The majority though will hate you for tricking them into making the phone call last longer than necessary.

Now, as I mentioned it is very simple to do.  Some of you reading this might be inclined to think it doesn’t really matter that much.  So let’s put it to a test.  Call a few small businesses and listen to how they answer the phone.  Then call big corporations and listen to how they answer the phone.

You will find the corporations all answer it in the same way, yes it’s not exciting, but it works.  To brighten yours up a little put a smile on your face as it will help with your tone of voice when you speak to customers.

Happy Hunting everyone, if you have any questions leave them in the comments section or email andrew@iibuy.com.au.  Please share if you are finding this information useful 😀