Sales Training Introduction.

Hi everyone, I’d like to thank you for reading my blog, and hopefully we can have a laugh and learn how to be gun sales people.  Whether you have just started a business, having issues during the “sales” part of your start up, or are just wanting to up your game, everyone is welcome, and your questions and inputs will help this community grow.  For those of you who would like a quick read of my background, or who find salespeople to be slimy parasite demon spawns, read my first post, and I hope you change your mind 😀

I decided to create this blog, mainly because after some soul searching, I just kept coming back to the conclusion that sales is one of my core passions personally, I find the action addictive.  I understand that sales can be a daunting task, and some find it difficult to get the grasp of.  On top of that, internet searches on sales guides lead you to sales gurus that spurt out more motivational clichés, than actual sales strategies and skills.

This is not one of those websites, the number one priority here is to break down a sales pitch/call/meeting so it is actionable, and you can take advantage of what you’ve learnt here.  Comments and interaction from the community will be highly encouraged, so everyone is able to learn together.

So, first thing’s first.   Why is there a need for this blog to even exist?  Well, to put it bluntly, sales is a skill.  Period.  Many small business owners begin their business with their own set of skills, such as a tradesman who finds his own contracts, a mother who crafts handmade items, or someone who just really wanted to own their own clothing shop.  Whatever the case the business started with someone who had an idea and a skill set to provide a product or a service.  What many lacked when beginning their adventure were any sales skills.

Notice I used the plural “skills”.  Sales is a combination of skills utilised together to create the desired outcome – “MONEY”.  You’ve no doubt heard or read blog posts saying “everyone has a different selling style etc”.  Forget all that, once you have the basic skills and strategy then you can develop your own style.  For example, in the sport of basketball, before you can dunk like Jordan, you need to learn how to:

  1. Dribble.
  2. Pass.
  3. Shoot.

In a basic sales strategy this would equate to:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Needs Analysis.
  3. Close.
  4. Objection Handling.

In basketball, this is called the Triple Threat.  I know we have 4, but we’ll go with Triple Threat, just because it sounds cool.  The above is the absolute basics of sales, it doesn’t matter if you sell a product, a service or if it’s over the phone or face to face.  Until you can do all four of those on the fly, don’t try developing your own style.  In fact, while you learn those four skills, your style will develop by itself.

Throughout the next month or two, each of the above will have their own article.  Some may have multiple articles to cover the topic thoroughly.  After this, we will cover mindset (it sounds so fluffy), which actually makes up 50% of the reason why you will be successful.

Please comment below or email me via if you have any topics you would like covered.