In a social world which discusses many issues surrounding women in the workforce, I find many of the topics are about the problems you face.  Which lead me to write this article around 3 strong women, all of which I believe to possess the qualities that are needed in this modern day life of ours.  This article is not intended to spark a debate about feminism, an argument I would find myself outnumbered thousands to one(jokes), but a feel good piece, which I hope will uplift the community, and give insight as to what I personally believe makes these women strong.

The Sister

Being a family member, my sister gets dibs on being written about first.  Abigail, grew up as the second child with me being the eldest.  Now, you’d think that being a good brother she would follow my lead, but alas that was not the case.  I was a miserable older brother, without going into any details I can assure you I wasn’t the person to aspire to be or look up to in my younger days.  Whatever she is now, is all due to her hard work and wits.

Abigail, by her own admission is a mercenary in the professional world.  Whatever she has looked to accomplish has been fulfilled.  And she had previously worked in the army, a traditionally male dominated environment.  A feature I noticed about her is her poise.  I’ve seen her do the feminine stuff, and I’ve seen her talk about work.  She is immersed in the moment; her poise allows her to hold a strong stance without having anything from her personal life affect the situation she is in.  This I believe is not only a trait of strong women, but any human being looking to succeed in the professional world.

The Manager

Next is a former manager of mine.  Rima.  Let me tell you now, watching her work will put you in awe.  During her introductions to our team, one of the first things she said to us, is “I want you to give a s***”, followed by “because I give a s*** about your growth”.  Now, I passed this off as something many managers would say, and didn’t think much of it.

During my time at that company I loved to clown around, I met my targets and joked around for the most part.  Rima, was instrumental in moulding the change in my attitude to exceed my targets and attain what I was capable of.  She wasn’t the type that talked to you once or twice then let it go.  She would consistently give you the time you deserved to reach your potential.  Without talking her up too much, anyone she has mentored, has evolved in the company, that’s not to say easily, but in the end they were promoted.

The Client

Recently I started my own little digital marketing venture, SEO Rank Up.  One of my first clients was Alicia Xyraxis who owns Australian fashion boutique Rebel Muse.  Being that her company was one of the first, I didn’t know what quite to expect from her.  Let me tell you, just like my sister, and manager, my client had a mind for knowing exactly what she wanted.  Anything I write or blog about that has to do with her company I run by her first.  Including this piece, even though it’s a personal piece of mine, she is mentioned, I now feel the need to run it by her.

My sister has been to her boutique, as they both reside in Australia’s ACT.  She absolutely loved the place.  This shows Alicia’s dedication to achieving her dreams.  Without this type of commitment, she wouldn’t have been able to source some of the leading designers in Australia for her store.  If not for her diligence my sister’s comments of her shop would definitely have been less than enthusiastic, I can guarantee you that.

As you can see by the above, the trait all these women share is that they care.   They care enough to be absorbed by the task at hand.  Whether that be working for the Australian army, to helping the professional growth of their staff, all the way through making sure their store is of high calibre quality.  I mention caring because it can be used by people as a put down, in actuality it is what makes you great at what you do.

Give yourself a break and feel free to comment on what you think makes strong professional women.  It feels better than focusing on the negative things.